GD&T Advisor

GD&T Advisor

EnginSoft are European distributors of GD&T Advisor the interactive software solution to guide the designer or engineer towards the correct application of GD&T, based on CETOL 6σ Precise Constraint Technology, developed by Sigmetrix LLC.

GD&T Advisor provides expert guidance to identify and insure that the necessary tolerances are addressed to insure the functional requirements of your products. Ensuring compliance with ISO and ASME standards and easily utilised from within the PTC Creo CAD environment to greatly improve productivity in the manufacturing and assembly process.

GD&T Advisor

Benefits of GD&T Advisor

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Standardise annotations correctly
  • Eliminate annotation mistakes
  • Improve design communication
  • Enhance understanding of the GD&T standards
  • Allow designers to better describe the design intent

Key Features of GD&T Advisor

  • Greater support for establishing datums from targets
  • Aid compound datum features from parallel axes that are not coaxial, also referred to as a common datum in ISO GPS
  • Enhanced flexibility for defining hole notes for threaded holes
  • Extended options for defining drafted features
  • Richer customisation options for the default strings and application choices
  • User alerts for unused datums and DRFs

Address the critical aspects of GD&T application:

  • Creation – fast, efficient, intelligent application of functional, syntactically correct GD&T in your 3D model environment
  • Validation – visualised and function-oriented evaluation of GD&T guarantees tolerancing completeness
  • Education – extensive help content, informative tool tips, and an interactive GD&T Quick Reference aid in understanding of GD&T concepts for both the ISO or ASME standard
  • Utilisation – intelligent CAD-native annotations are usable in downstream processes such as drawing production, tolerance analysis, computer aided inspection or manufacturing, and other design activities

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