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Data Mining with modeFRONTIER: quick and effective techniques to deepen the understanding of your Data

Data Mining is the process of analyzing a database from different perspectives: designs, statistical and distribution analysis charts, response surfaces algorithms and more allow the engineer to extract the benefit from often complex and hard to understand data. Information from complex numerical data, generated by parametric or optimization studies, can easily be projected onto sophisticated charts in modeFRONTIER’s Design Space, which is now available as the standalone application - modeSPACE – thus allowing efficient license and role management.


modeFRONTIER & RSMs: Exploit Your Data and Speed Up Your Optimization

When working with ‘real’ experiment or simulation data the time taken to measure the outputs can often prohibit the use of direct optimization. In this case modeFRONTIER can help the CAE Analyst train Response Surface models to augment ‘real’ data with ‘virtual’ data, which can generate thousands of design configurations in seconds. This approach unleashes the power of the state-of-the-art optimization algorithms available in modeFRONTIER and makes the discovery of optimal solutions possible.


Analytic tools in modeFRONTIER: exploring your Design Space to extract relevant information about sensitivities and local effects

When managing complex problems with many input factors and multiple responses it is necessary to apply statistical methods to reduce the complexity and initiate a learning process from dedicated experiments. The fundamental pillars of the statistical methods like Design and Analysis of Experiments are easily accessible in the modeFRONTIER framework.


Accelerate Gear Box Development and Reduce Lab Costs with Particleworks

The webinar will present how Moving Particle Simulation can reduce the number of prototypes and cut development time and cost of your lubrication system, by becoming part of the product development process. Moving Particle Simulation is a mesh-less CFD methodology that allows easy simulation of gear boxes, axles, differential gears, planetary drives, engines, etc.


MapleSim case study: Understand design implications with advance system-level modelling

Discover how significant model set-up time can be reduced using MapleSim, whilst producing a high-level understanding of the system behaviour for greater engineering insight. The webinar will present the construction of a system model in the case for a PID Tuning of a DC Motor Controller in a feedback loop, demonstrating the efficient and effective way for engineers to model utilising MapleSim’s multi-domain component libraries.


Achieve Multi-Flexible-Body-Simulation using RecurDyn

While simulating rigid body dynamics has become a relatively easy task, flexibilities in the simulation of moving mechanisms still require specific expertise. Neglecting to represent this accurately or simplifying the simulation can cause time consuming trial and error approaches, and increasing risk of expensive prototype costs.

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Missed any of our webinars?

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