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EnginSoft are European distributors of leading 3D Tolerance Analysis (Assembly Variation) software CETOL 6σ, developed by Sigmetrix LLC.

The fully integrated 3D tolerance analysis software tool provides the invaluable insight needed to confidently release designs for manufacture and inform the selection of appropriate tolerances to achieve your variation goals efficiently. Fixing assembly problems late in the design chain or avoiding them long before production, all while saving money.

CETOL 6σ enables designers and engineers to easily address multi-dimensional problems, using their native CAD geometry. This unique method allows you to receive immediate analytical feedback, utilising the easy-to-use modelling, analysis and reporting components. The user is guided through the tolerance analysis and optimisation process whilst being informed about missing or erroneous data.

Unlike simple 1D stack-up analysis or Monte Carlo Simulation, CETOL 6σ pursues a statistical approach employing advanced precise constraint technology, displayed in an intuitive graphical user interface. This approach accelerates the ability to identify and illustrate dimensional sensitivities and the tolerances that have the most significant contribution to your variation.

Discovering the critical-to-quality features to control has never been easier.


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Benefits of CETOL 6σ

  • Achieve maximum productivity
  • Improve product quality
  • Accelerate product maturity
  • Optimise design & manufacturing goals
  • Identify critical parts in assemblies
  • Reduce scrappage and warranty claims
  • Reduce manufacturing cost
  • Reduce modelling time
  • Communicate results efficiently
  • Quickly auto-report results

Comprehensively integrated with Creo (formally Pro-ENGINEER), CATIA, and the only 3D tolerance analysis solution integrated within SolidWorks.

- Now also available for NX! -


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