modeFRONTIER Training Courses | Introduction to modeFRONTIER | 3-Days Training

The base-knowledge of software and basics of MDO (Multi-Disciplinary Optimization) through theoretical concepts and practice exercises

Date: Course Calendar 2020

Venue: Ideon Science Park, SE-223 70 Lund, Sweden

Timetable: 3-Days Training | 9:00 - 17:00

modeFRONTIER provides an innovative optimization environment with modular, profiled-based access. This integration platform for multi-objective and multi-disciplinary optimization offers a seamless coupling with third party engineering tools, enables the automation of the design simulation process and facilitates analytic decision making. modeFRONTIER streamlines the design process with powerful workflows, innovative algorithms and sophisticated post-processing tools allowing the user to perform statistical analysis, data visualization and decision making. Its multidisciplinary design enabling technology, critical to successful new product development today, keeps it at the forefront of engineering technology.

The “Intro mF” course, lasting three days, is intended for new modeFRONTIER users or for those people looking for an its more efficient way of utilization. The final goal of course is to provide the base-knowledge of software and basics of MDO (Multi-Disciplinary Optimization) through theoretical concepts and practice exercises. The user will be made aware of the different strategies that can be applied for the setup of workflow so that to increase efficiency of the whole project, especially in case of more complex applications (e.g. multi-disciplinary and/or multi-objective and/or highly constrained problems).


In order to allow new user to become familiar and comfortable with the modeFRONTIER environment, particular attention will be devoted to exercises, which will be carried out in parallel to the theoretical description of the topic. Further, the user will be requested to perform, together with the trainer, some checkpoints at the aim to be sure the key knowledge has been transferred.

  • Process Integration and multi-objective design optimization & how it works into modeFRONTIER
  • DOE (Design Of Experiments) configuration
  • Mono and Multi-objective optimization
  • Post-Processing and Data Mining
  • Overview on RSM (Response Surface Methodologies) techniques and applications

Course Calendar

2020 November 19 - 21




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Lund Sweden
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