On demand training

modeFRONTIER: Standard Course

On demand training

Date: On demand

Venue: One of the EnginSoft offices

Timetable: 2 days | 9:00 - 17:00 including lunch break

Objectives of the course

With a two-days standard course, the user will learn the modeFRONTIER logics, how to bluid workflows necessary for modelling simple multi-objective and multi-disciplinary applications and efficiently take advantage of the post-processing tools (with specific attention to the management of multi-objective problems and statistical analysis). The aim of the course is to allow the new user to become familiar with the modeFRONTIER environment and training sessions will support the theoretical explanations.

The course will explore the modeFRONTIER applications with reference to the following topics:

  • Setting of DOE (Design of Experiment) campaigns; data acquisition (experimental or simulated); post-processing of numerical models based on such data;
  • Multi-objective optimization strategies;
  • Multi-disciplinary integrations and multi-objective optimizations in industrial applications:
  • Statistical analysis; sensitivity analysis;
  • Applications of the RSM (Response Surface Methodologies) techniques; hint to virtual optimization.

Target Audience

Users interested in:

  • Product-process optimization: engineers, designers;
  • Integration of the simulation tools within the design process: managers, researchers.


No prerequisites required.


The standard course includes the following modules:

  • Introduction to process integration and optimization
  • Introduction to modeFRONTIER tool
  • Pre-processing environment and workflow design
  • Application of fundamental workflow tools
  • DoE methodologies and description of some basic DoE techniques available in modeFRONTIER
  • Introduction to optimization theory (mono and multi-objective), algorithms and optimization strategies
  • Data post-processing through dedicated tools for multi-objective problem analysis, sensitivity analysis, statistical analysis
  • Introduction to statistical analysis and data-mining
  • Introduction to RSM (Response Surface Methodologies) techniques.

The courses are organized at EnginSoft offices, on available dates on demand and upon reaching a sufficient number of participants.