On demand training

modeFRONTIER: Advanced Course

On demand training

Date: On demand

Venue: One of the EnginSoft offices

Timetable: 2 days | 9:00 - 17:00 including lunch break

Objectives of the course

The two-days advanced course is addressed to modeFRONTIER users interested in the application of the advanced modules:

  • SubProcess e Scheduling Projects Nodes
  • RSM – Response Surface Methodologies – algorithms details
  • MORDO – Multi Objective Robust Design Optimization
  • MVA - Multi Variate Analysis
  • MCDM - Multi Criteria Decision Making

Besides the information concerning the use of advanced tools, the users will achieve theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for an expert utilization of the code (design of complex workflow, towards distributed computing , theoretical and practical approach to non-conventional but highly efficient optimization algorithms, design of the best optimization strategy for each application, theoretical detailed discussion on RSM algorithms, …).

Target Audience

Users interested in:

  • Product-process optimization: engineers, designers;
  • Integration of the simulation tools within the design process: managers, researchers.


Theoretical familiarity of the techniques to be investigated, basic use of modeFRONTIER.


The advanced course includes the following modules:

  • Use of the processMODELER environment
  • Implementation of advanced workflows
  • Advanced knowledge of Design of Experiment and optimization algorithms
  • RSM techniques – theoretical and practical approach, combined with direct optimization
  • Advanced statistical analysis
  • Multi Objective Robust Design Optimization (MORDO) and robustness analysis.

A further module can be added among the following ones:

  • Curve Fitting
  • Data multi-varied analysis (PCA+MDS+CAP)
  • Data multi-varied analysis (SOM + Clustering)
  • Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) – decision-making support to multi-objective problems.

The courses are organized at EnginSoft offices, on available dates on demand and upon reaching a sufficient number of participants.