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EnginSoft provides training courses on the software technologies designed for the simulation of manufacturing processes. The reference software packages are those produced by MAGMASOFT.

MAGMASOFT is the only software for the simulation of foundry processes to have an integrated "Optimizer". Equipped with specialized modules for the typical problems of the different processes (die-casting, low pressure, gravity, etc.) and of the different casting materials (cast iron, steel, light alloys, etc.), MAGMASOFT simulates both the phase of filling of and hardening in the mold, and the phase of heat treatment, allowing you to optimize the entire process including the analysis of residual stresses and deformations. The software interface is grounded in foundry language and real process sequences, making it easy to use and understand the results. EnginSoft's training courses for this suite of software reflect the practical nature of the program, while also providing useful insights into the theoretical assumptions and methods used to justify the choices made.

The courses provided are focused on teaching the use of the software, in order to guide participants in developing reliable and meaningful uses for the phenomena they seek to simulate.

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