Date: 2021 Course Calendar

Venue: ONLINE or IN PERSON on request

Timetable: Depends on the course

The modeFRONTIER platform is a software technology that enables advanced and efficient process integration, based on which it is possible to proceed to a multi-disciplinary and multi-objective optimization. Therefore modeFRONTIER can be classified both as a Process Integration and Design Optimization (PIDO) and as a Multi-disciplinary and multi-objective Design Optimization (MDO) technology.

The understanding of the physical phenomena underlying the applications investigated is intuitive and immediate thanks to the tools and methodologies available. In response to the need to structure product design processes in an increasingly advanced and automated way, the training offer has been extended by combining the traditional courses with advanced courses on process integration and robust optimization.

Advanced courses also allow for customized modularization of subjects.

EnginSoft is also available and qualified to work alongside groups of users in introducing this software into their work processes, thereby transferring knowledge directly "on the job".


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The courses offered by EnginSoft are as follows:


Basic Course

The Basic Course provides the foundations to be able to independently approach process integration, sensitivity analysis and product optimization.

Advanced Course

The Advanced Course provides more detailed theoretical knowledge on the algorithms available in modeFRONTIER (optimization and creation of virtual RSM models) as well as the basics of advanced process integration and, as options, advanced data interpretation techniques or robust optimization.

Model-Based Process Integration

In the Model-Based Process Integration course, all available tools for advanced process integration are analyzed with in-depth analysis of the different methodological strategies applicable.

Robust Design

The Robust Design course addresses all aspects of robust optimization (i.e., the search for an optimal solution that is not significantly affected by noise or uncertainty) in detail.

RSM – Response Surface Modeling

The Metamodeling course is intended for modeFRONTIER users who wish to gain in-depth knowledge in the use of Response Surface Modeling (RSM) algorithms.

Data Analisys

The course focuses on providing the theoretical and practical knowledge necessary for an expert use of the data analysis methodologies and tools available.

Optimization Algorithms

This course is intended for modeFRONTIER users who want to master the implementation of the optimization techniques available in the platform.

Digitalization and process integration

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to understand how to properly correlate data and processes in order to reduce the risk of errors and reworking and increase operational efficiency and effectiveness to develop quality products within budget and on time.

OPT = Optimization
DA = Data Analysis
PI = Process Integration
SPDM = Simulation Process and Data Management
RD = Robust Design
RSM = Response Surface Models