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The topics addressed in the Electronics courses are functional to the design of electromechanical and electronic components from the simulation of electromagnetic fields to the calculation of circuit and system performance parameters. Electronics tools are the most efficient numerical solution to support the design and improvement of products, and, thanks to the accuracy of their results and the speed of calculation, they enable a significant increase in product quality and a significant reduction in time and costs.

In addition to general purpose electromagnetic, electromechanical and electronic solutions, Ansys Electronics tools are dedicated to and specialized in the analysis of various particular applications including Antennas, Radars and related installations, Electromagnetic co-siting, Electric motors and electromechanical actuators, Radio propagation, Power electronics, Electromagnetic compatibility and interference (EMI/EMC) and Signal & power integrity for the main industrial sectors (Aerospace, Automotive, Biomedical, Electronics & Communications, Internet of Things, Food, Entertainment, Logistic, Oil & Gas).

The related topics are comprehensively addressed with the best commercially available tools for numerical analysis:

  • HFSS
  • Maxwell
  • Motor-CAD
  • Q3D Extractor
  • SIwave
  • Icepak

These products benefit from full integration with the multidisciplinary Ansys Electronics Desktop environment thanks to which fully bidirectional interaction of tools related to different physics (electrical, thermal, fluid dynamics and structural) is possible. Ansys Electronics tools integrate advanced parametric modelers for the internal creation of geometries and tools for importing and processing MCAD/ECAD models generated by dedicated tools and in the main formats: IGES, STEP, ACIS, PARASOLID, PRO/ENGINEER, AUTOCAD, CATIA, GXF, GDS, CADENCE, MENTOR GRAPHICS, ZUKEN, ODB++, etc.

The value and potential of Ansys Electronics tools is enhanced by the potential of High-Performance Computing (HPC), which uses Multi-Processing (MP), Domain Decomposition, Solver Distribution and GPU Computing methods.

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