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Ansys LS-DYNA is the finite element application with explicit time integration, used to simulate speed dynamics phenomena, highly nonlinear problems and to deal with particular applications, characterized by large deformations, high numbers of contacts and short duration.

EnginSoft offers a range of courses, differentiated by subject matter, and based on the field of application of the software. The courses always have a practical focus: to rapidly enable the correct use of the system. In each course, the theory lectures are interspersed with hands-on sessions, in which participants become familiar with the software, finalize their applications, or plan solutions to problems of interest to them by reviewing their settings and results.

We can also plan structured training programs based on the specific needs of your company or a homogeneous group of software users. Participation in a course allows you to interact with the instructor and other participants and offers you the opportunity to establish an ongoing relationship of collaboration and support with EnginSoft.

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