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Digital Manufacturing technologies make new sources of data available to engineers and designers. Extracting information from data is essential to make good decisions and create reliable models, and yet data analysis is complicated primarily due to its increasing quantity associated with a large number of variables. The course "Data analytics for digital manufacturing" provides methods and solutions for data analysis, data visualization and the creation of regression models.

The "Introduction to Virtual Commissioning with iPhysics" course aims to teach the basics of using iPhysics, and more broadly, to explore the Virtual Commissioning methodology through the use of this best-in-class technology. The course addresses machine or line modeling techniques and the integration of robotics and PLCs, right up to integrating the model into Hardware in the loop (HIL) logic.

The course "Designing and Optimizing Manufacturing Systems with SIMUL8" demonstrates the potential of simulation for designing, redesigning, and optimizing manufacturing systems (e.g., production, processing, and assembly plants, plant logistics systems, etc.). The course explains how to use simulation to make complex decisions, such as plant sizing, schedule management within production mix and resource constraints, and how it is possible to achieve immediate economic benefits through optimization.

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