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In the context of additive technologies, knowledge of software capabilities and the ability to focus them on practical problems is critical to enable the production of parts that meet quality specifications. EnginSoft organizes training courses on software technologies related to these manufacturing technologies, designed to ensure that our customers become effective in the shortest possible time.

The benchmark software packages are those produced by Ansys, specifically the Ansys Additive Suite, a simulation platform that addresses the entire workflow related to additive technologies, from the design of the part according to DfAM to the setup and simulation of the production process. The "Ansys Mechanical Topology Optimization" course is designed to enable the structural engineer using Ansys Workbench Mechanical to derive innovative solutions for structurally optimized components in terms of their topology and shape. The course aims to provide basic knowledge of the optimization flow so as to understand how to set up the problem and then obtain an optimized and validated component. The optimization of lattice structures and their modeling and validation is addressed in the context of additive technologies.

Ansys Mechanical Workbench Additive is a simulation tool built into Ansys Workbench Mechanical to simulate additive processes of metal parts. The course focuses on teaching participants how to use the software, in order to guide them in developing reliable and meaningful uses of the phenomena they need to simulate. The EnginSoft course is an ideal opportunity to initiate an ongoing collaboration between end users and EnginSoft experts, who will continue to provide expert assistance to support daily work practices.

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