Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) is a scientific branch that deals with the simulation of fluids. Using a variety of commercially available software products and the advanced computational power of server clusters, today's CFD brings the engineer, analyst and scientist beyond standard fluid mechanics calculations to the resolution of complex problems, whilst providing them with insight into the phenomena of fluid dynamics.

Our CFD project expertise spans different aspects of the science as applied to various industrial situations. Some of the more common aspects we deal with are:


Combustible fuels are indisputably the major source of power for most of our industries. The combustion process, which involves complex chemical reactions with transport processes that ...

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Multiphase flow

Multiphase flows are present in many industrial applications used by a variety of industries ranging from power generation to food and beverages. A multi-phase flow implies implies the simultaneous presence of ...

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Fluid structure interaction

In modern industrial product design, multi-physics simulations are carried out to capture the interaction between different physical phenomena. A Fluid Structure Interaction (FSI) analysis ...

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Heat transfer

The analysis of heat transfer plays a role in almost any Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) project. We have discussed the role of heat transfer modeling in combustion and multiphase flows ...

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1D system-level

A 1D-CFD simulation (also called system level CFD) is a particular type of CFD simulation that focuses on the entire system rather than on the details of the flow inside a specific component of that system ...

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Design Shape Optimization and Mesh Morphing

With the increasing accuracy of modern Computational Fluid Dynamics systems, both in the compressible and incompressible fluid domains, engineers are now able to...

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