Multidisciplinary design process integration and simulation data management

VOLTA is a web-based enterprise solution for companies who feel need to organize their simulation process with a platform that can foster collaboration.

VOLTA platform simplifies product development and innovation processes and makes them more efficient.

VOLTA orchestrates multidisciplinary simulation processes and enables to achieve better design solutions while preserving standards and knowledge.

VOLTA brings together people and technology throughout product development processes. It captures and cultivates simulation knowledge by aggregating product and process information into a single shared repository that draws on the skills and knowledge of engineer discipline experts with the support of artificial intelligence.

People from various departments and organizations can connect to VOLTA from any location, anytime, from computers and mobile devices; and VOLTA coordinates them in running simulation and optimization projects in a secure environment that facilitates information sharing and visibility, and thus enables conscious decision-making.

VOLTA is a product of ESTECO SpA


A Simulation Process Data Management – SPDM Platform enables to:

  • better manage simulation models and workflows, results, and design information;
  • improve collaboration and reuse;
  • better integrate simulation activities into the PLM environment.

Main Benefits

You can achieve better design solutions at a lower cost and reduce the time-to-market by aggregating product and process information into a single shared repository that draws on the skills and knowledge of engineer discipline experts.

Collaborate on Global Scale

Many teams can simultaneously connect anytime and from anywhere to work on their design projects thanks to an easy-to-use collaborative web interface.
Simulation experts can create and automate the logical simulation steps of a shared collaborative workflow.

Data analysts can handle the massive amounts of data produced by design exploration and optimization studies and turn them into valuable insights thanks to state-of-the-art web-based analytics and visualization tools.
Decision makers can access product performance metrics to compare solutions and make decisions.

Capture and Share Know-How with the Support of Intelligent Algorithms

Design engineers can create, execute, reuse and share their workflow models.
Intelligent algorithms are available to speed up the exploration of the design space, find better solutions and innovate the product in less time.

Secure and Easy to Manage IT Environment

You can quickly set-up and maintain a safe enterprise system it is tailored to your needs.
VOLTA safeguards all your data: you can boost team collaboration while ensuring the respect of security levels and the protection of your company’s Intellectual Property.

The Distributed Execution of VOLTA allows the management of multiple and parallel simulation processes both on local and remote computer resources.
The outcomes are a strong reduction of the lead-time and a maximization of the IT investment.


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