Romax Nexus

Explore drivetrain designs with confidence using a rapid and intuitive design tool

The most complete and integrated simulation platform for engineering the next generation of electro-mechanical drive systems.
ROMAX NEXUS allows the driveline designer to simulate and test the complete driveline design Right First Time without time losses for data transferring and model building and re-building.

Since a single model file can be passed between the various products on the platform, there is minimized risk of introducing errors in data re-entry. Whether simulating in the feasibility analysis, pre-design, design phase, testing, customization or root cause analysis phases, there is a product tailored to your stage of the design process. As well as integrating with each other, the Romax Nexus products each sit within the heart of their own eco system, interfacing and providing workflows with CAD, MBD, FEA, process integration, electromagnetic, and specialized component tools. Across all the product suite, the easy interface and flexibility of use makes Romax Nexus products easy to slot into any development process, to empower your teams and enable Right First Time design.

Romax Nexus is a software platform of Romax Technology Limited




ROMAX NEXUS allows the driveline designer to simulate and test the complete driveline design Right First Time without time losses for data transferring and model building and re-building.

Main Benefits

Build one Model of Electro-Mechanical Driveline that evolves within the product development process as a base for:

  Structural analysis (gears macro and micro geometries, bearings macro and micro geometries, shafts, housings, etc.)

  Dynamic analysis (modes, responses, transfer functions, NVH, rotordynamics, etc.)

  Efficency analysis (component, system, advanced tribology, etc.)

  Advanced bearings analysis (catalogue data direct import macro and micro geometries, etc.)

  Driveline Electrification (structural, dynamics, NVH, etc.)

  Customised reports

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For concept designers

Rapid and intuitive exploration of drivetrain ideas to enhance the early product development process

Fast and efficient product design from the concept phase in a user-friendly model creation environment with the aim of building informed engineering decisions as early as possible.

  • Modelling
  • System Analysis
  • System refining and optimisation
  • System performance analysis
  • Seamless integration within Romax Nexus platform

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    For durability engineers

    Trusted structural simulation and optimisation for the design of durable and robust electro-mechanical drive systems

    Electromechanical Driveline Structure simulation Right First Time.

    • Modelling
    • Structural Analysis
    • Durability Analysis
    • Customised Reporting

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    For NVH analysts

    Full system NVH simulation from gear and electric machine design through to vehicle sound quality

    Electromechanical Driveline Dynamics simulation Right First Time.

    • Modelling
    • Excitation Analysis
    • System Vibration Analysis
    • Radiated Noise
    • Customised Reports

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    For efficiency experts

    A global efficiency prediction tool for drivetrains and transmissions

    Electromechanical Driveline Efficency simulation Right First Time.

    • Modelling
    • Component Efficency
    • Drive Cycle Analysis
    • Advanced Tribology
    • Customised Reports

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    For bearing specialists

    Advanced simulation of rolling element bearings for bearing designers and application engineers

    Electromechanical Driveline Bearings simulation Right First Time.

    • Modelling System and Bearings
    • Sharing Catalogues With main OEM
    • Complete System and Bearings Analysis
    • Detailed Bearings Analysis
    • Customised Reports

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    For motor designers

    Electro-mechanical analysis tool for electrical machine designers

    Electromechanical Driveline simulation Right First Time.

    • Modelling
    • System Analysis
    • NVH Analysis
    • Rotordynamics
    • Customised Reports

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