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Rocky is a product of ESSS.

ROCKY is a 3D Discrete Element Method (DEM) code that simulates the granular flow behavior of different shaped and sized particles, with varying levels of moisture (adhesion), friction and impact restitution along the handling chain of the granular material itself.
Therefore ROCKY is used all over the world by manufacturing and mining companies, to quickly and accurately analyze their bulk material handling systems. The software consists of a single working environment which is accessed by a simple and user-friendly graphical interface, which allows to create the mathematical model, to run the simulation and to evaluate all results necessary for the analysis.

Why ROCKY is different apart from other DEM codes?
ROCKY is the only commercial code that uses an accurate particle shape representation (not cluster of spheres), advanced breakage and fragmentation models, visualization of boundary surface reduction due to wear, complex geometry motion, double precision solver that uses Share-parallel memory with CPU or Multi GPU, extensive code validation and calibration. ROCKY is fully integrated with Ansys Workbench with Structural and Fluid analysis coupling.

The loads estimated by Rocky DEM analyses are passed to Ansys Mechanical to predict the structural response, or 1-way coupling.

Main benefits

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  Large-scale simulations

  Process optimization

  Complex motion: free body and multi-body motions

  Increase equipment life and capacity

  Reduce dust, noise and equipment power

  Accurate results using real shape particles

  Minimize wear and maintenance

  Intra-Particle Collision Statistics

  Full integrated with structural and fluid analysis within Ansys



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Hay tedder model with millions of flexible fibers means more accuracy for agriculture industry digital models.
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Improved blast furnace performance with material load optimization

Combining modeFRONTIER with Rocky DEM to design a better deflector saves up to 130 hours of computation time

The Arvedi Group approached the University of Trieste to find a solution to the uneven distribution of material inside the hopper of their blast furnace in Trieste, Italy.

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Rocky DEM Helps PepsiCo Cut Costs with Virtual Product Testing

Simulations improve the accuracy of factory equipment set-up and help identify potential custom modifications in advance

More and more companies rely upon simulation tools to help develop high-quality products and reduce costs. PepsiCo, Inc. is using these simulation technologies to analyze and improve products and processes, such as material handling challenges.

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Analysis of the behavioral characteristics of detergent powder using Rocky-Ansys Fluent two-way coupling

This analysis attempts to understand the behavior of sticky detergent powders according to flow velocity using Rocky-Ansys Fluent two-way coupling.

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ME Elecmetal harnesses power of Rocky DEM to improve crusher liner performance

ME Elecmetal — a global supplier of integrated wear solutions for mining, construction and industry — is among the first companies to benefit from Rocky DEM’s latest technology: the Tavares breakage model.

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Lime Kiln DEM Analysis with ROCKY

CAE is key to ensuring the efficiency and technical integrity of equipment and plants in the lime industry

In the lime industry, the process engineers of Cimprogretti advise on process safety, analyse and interpret laboratory and plant data and provide specialised support to ensure the technical integrity of equipment and plants.

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