Software Training and Assessment

trainingSBES is constantly evolving and with it the need for engineers to stay on top of new technologies and improvements in old ones. With software vendors touting their easy to use interfaces, engineers must be careful of not making the mistake to assume that they do not need to have a clear understanding of the underlying technologies.

Simulation-based engineering is evolving as we speak, which means that an engineer’s formal education is no longer adequate to keep up with these changes, engineers need to be constantly retrained on the new technologies and methods as they become applicable to their industries. 

EnginSoft has a broad offering of educational and training services which can be summarized here:

  • self-paced online courses which are mainly offered through the TCN consortium and portals
  • basic and in-depth classroom courses on the use of specific simulation software packages and their features
  • customized courses created on demand for your specific organization’s needs
  • courses and course materials developed within international research grants such as the Easit2 and the METRO (Metallurgical Training On-line) projects
  • A master’s degree through the ESOCAET (European School of Computer Aided Engineering Technology)
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