Software Support and Customization

EnginSoft sells various commercial software products for which we also have a comprehensive technical support offering that ranges from on-line to in-house support that is tailored to a customer’s specific needs.

Our technical support offering includes:

  • training engineers in the use of the basic products  as well as in their more advanced features though both standard courses held at EnginSoft’s facilities as well as and on-site customer-tailored courses that may involve industry experts from the EnginSoft network
  • general on-line software support directly related to the use of the specific software package
  • customer support on a project basis
  • tuning software products to run on the available hardware, helping clients select the setup that is most adapted to their recurring applications or to their main applications which require specific dedicated resources and/or which need to run in parallel
  • adaptation of models: healing of the CAD models (assessing  geometric and topological imperfections and correcting them), defeaturing of the CAD models targeted to the efficiency of the mesh-generators, evaluation of mesh quality,  parametric modeling, mesh morphing and smoothing, approximation and error estimate, adaptive meshing
  • the organization of models taking reusability of the engineering data in downstream processes, such as manufacturing and data migration, into consideration

As many of our customers will testify, our support services have helped them increase their engineering simulation efficiency while reducing their overall time-to-market costs by helping them:

  • choose models whose complexity are commensurate with the project objectives
  • drastically reduce the impact of a lack of resources and knowhow
  • re-engineer their processes to create reusable procedures
  • consolidate the simulation results with the company’s know-how
  • contribute to business innovation allowing the users of these models to concentrate on the engineering part of the project rather than waste their time in operational issues

Thanks to the wide range of product support we offer, you are able to streamline all your simulation technical support needs through a single company rather than have scattered support contracts with several vendors who are only able to support one product.

Also, often you will find that even the best pre-pacakged commercial software is innadequate for all the specific needs of your project. In fact this is why most commercial simulation software pacakges include an application programming interface (API). We have software engineers on staff who are very familiar with all of these APIs. This is where our many years of writing custom modules, routines and scripts may save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

EnginSoft can help you by:

  • developing physical models that are not available in the specific software package in use
  • extending or improving your materials databases
  • the migration of existing models from one commercial software product to another
  • linking your proprietary procedures to mainstream commercial simulation software products using the specific product’s API
  • creating procedures for the verification and validation of models as well as for the quantification of uncertainty within the model
  • linking simulation tools with measurement devices for real-time simulation control (dynamic data-driven applications systems (DDDAS) or symbiotic feedback control systems)
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