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consultingEngineering simulation consultancy requires experts in the combination of scientific disciplines that are the foundation of the specific simulation task at hand such as physics, material sciences, computational methods, mathematics, computer science or statistics. It also requires a high degree of expertise with the process logic that is specific to the industrial sector in question in order to assess the applicability and fidelity of the simulation models.

This in fact is what makes EnginSoft the partner of choice when it comes to engineering simulation consultancy. With our extensive network of specialized engineers, we are able to cover a broad range of disciplines. Coupled with our long history of integrating the best-of-breed technologies and methods to produce optimal results, this allows EnginSoft to offer both turnkey projects as well as expert consultancy to a corporation’s existing in-house team of simulation engineers.

Our expertise includes:Services

  • systematic development of models consistent with the requested degree of precision
  • complex analyses that require advanced computational power and above all the ability to manage software within the context of high performance computing (HPC)
  • connections to detailed down-stream applications (linked to the corporate knowhow or to consolidated verification/documented procedures
  • dedicated meta-modeling
  • CAE applications that are complementary to those being developed directly by the in-house engineers
  • transferring of physical quantities between models developed with incompatible computational methods such as CV vs FEM, GEM vs FEM or FD, DEM vs FEM or CV/FD and others
  • integration of models at system level (the 1D approach) with models at component level (the 2D and 3D approaches) and the corresponding development of dedicated physical nodes of models at system level; optimizing models at system level by balancing and tuning them
  • linking to materials and components data bases which offer accurate data for the materials and components employed in the model
  • integration with processes based on open-source code

Depending on the complexity and requirements of your project, EnginSoft can carry out the project at our facilities where we also make available our high computational resources for testing purposes, at your facilities alongside your own engineering team or as an outsourced consultancy where interaction with your project co-coordinator can take place digitally.

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