EnginSoft offers consulting services in the field of Engineering simulation in most European countries and in the USA.

EnginSoft specializes in assisting customers across a wide range of industries including automotive, aerospace, defense, oil&gas, energy, civil engineering, biomedical and consumer goods in making better use of simulation-based engineering to fully understand all the processes involved in their product design and production right through their supply chain. We bring high value simulations to all our customers through our multi-physics and robust simulation approach which couples different types of analyses within a larger framework with each simulation phase learning from the previous or successive phase.

Consulting Services

Engineering simulation consultancy requires experts in the combination of scientific disciplines.

EnginSoft offers a wide range of consulting services which ranges from assistance to a corporation's in-house engineering simulation team to the delivery of complete turn-key projects. ...

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Software Support and Customization

EnginSoft offers extended technical support on a number of commercial software products.

EnginSoft also offers custom module development when a module is needed but not available in the commercial software package in use ...

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Software Training

Simulation-based engineering is evolving as we speak, which means that an engineer’s formal education is no longer adequate to keep up with these changes ...

EnginSoft offers a wide range of technical courses throughout the EnginSoft network ...

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Research and Technology Transfer

The discipline of Simulation-based Engineering and Sciences (SBES) is at the threshold of a new era: as a community of scientists, we can do so much more than as individuals.

EnginSoft promotes, supports, and coordinates research activities involving computational technologies at any level ...

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