Special Event

True-Load for Transportation Products: break the cycle of failure!

Date: 25 May 2022

Timetable: 15.00 - 16.00 (GMT+1)

Speakers: Dr. Timothy G. Hunter (Wolf Star Technologies President) – Danilo Col (EnginSoft)

Language: English

The largest expense for product development in the transportation industry is Design – Build – Test cycles.  If a product is tested and the test data cannot be used to drive a simulation that duplicates the test environment, then the engineering organization is doomed to guessing at loading sources and making sub-optimal design decisions.  The result of which are only discovered in the next Design – Build – Test cycle.  True-Load gives engineers the ability to directly drive their FEA models with test data and duplicate the test responses.  This loading knowledge can be used then for evaluation of redesign efforts in FEA.  The next physical prototype then will just be confirmation – and not a surprise!  True-Load software eliminates Design – Build – Test cycles by leveraging the knowledge gained through test with the power of FEA.

Want to break the cycle? Organizations get stuck in the Design / Build / Test / Break test cycle. This is extremely expensive, slow and prone to errors. With True-Load, the team can leverage the physical prototypes and some simple strain measurement to reconstruct the operating loads. The True-Load loads will generate strains on the FEA model that match test strains. These True-Loads can be used to iterate designs virtually. With True-Load, design iteration can be done in days that would normally take months using the Design / Build / Break approach.

We will show you real world examples from customers and run a live demo of the True-Load software to learn about how it works in real time.


  • True Loads & real strain data;

  • Strain gauges;

  • Design-Build-Test engineering cycle;

  • FEA Analysis;

  • Test vs FEA correlation;

  • Fatigue;

  • Dynamic Loads.


True-Load for Transportation Products: break the cycle of failure!

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It uses a web platform that does not require local software installation. You can join the session via: Mac, PC, or any mobile device.

Registered participants will receive the link and credentials to participate at the email address provided during registration.

You can ask questions and participate in the discussion via the chat function in the web platform.


25 May 2022 | 15.00 - 16.00

For more information:

Danilo Col
Phone +39 011 652 5211

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