Online Seminar

The development of modern electric motors with high efficiency and high-power density

Date: 11th December 2020

Timetable: 10.00 - 12.00

Speakers: Bastian Schoeneberg, Benoit Bosc-Bierne, Massimo Galbiati

Language: English

Electric motors are present in many everyday objects. They are also gaining ground in new and increasingly sustainable applications, thanks to changes that aim to make them lighter and more efficient.

Modern designers of electrical engines require design tools for quick and accurate product development. Using simulation at an early stage of the design process can accelerate product development, resulting in better energy efficiency of the engine, savings on materials, and consequently lower overall costs.

In electric motors, electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy. This process can be improved in order to cut costs, reduce heat loss, and weight, and increase efficiency.

The seminar will present innovative solutions, methods and approaches that allow designers to not only achieve the ideal balance between the "electrical" design parameters but also to develop the machine in a holistic way. The cooling system is one of the design aspects not to be overlooked, particularly for high power density motors, as it affects both the efficiency of the machine and its durability.


  • 10:00 – Numerical simulation applied to the design of electrical motors: from Concept Design to Detail Analysis.

  • 10:30 - Machine performance over the entire operating range: efficiency and performance mapping of a specific Duty Cycle.

  • 11:15 - Techniques and methodologies for Multiphysics analysis: from the calculation of the equivalent thermal circuit to the strategies for coupling different physical solutions.

  • 11:30 – Cooling of high power density electric motors.

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