Solution for cost effective electromagnetic analysis

Date: February 2021

Venue: Fusion for Energy

Solution for cost effective electromagnetic analysis

Fusion for Energy and EnginSoft have developed a virtual calculation algorithm for Finite Element analysis to study the electromagnetic behavior of complex and critical ITER components.

Used in fusion to analyse the electromagnetic behavior of the blanket modules (that protect the structure and critical components from the heat and the energy produced by the fusion reactions), the solution provides a virtual calculation algorithm for Finite Elements Method (FEM) analysis based on a proprietary technology embedded in the Ansys Maxwell software.

The solution provides a multiphysics environment that includes a simplified user interface to allow unskilled users to run simulations, and a proprietary algorithm that reduces overall computation time and cost. The solution could find many applications in Radio Frequency, Electromagnetic forming/joining, photonics, optics and microwaves.


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Ansys Maxwell

La simulazione elettromagnetica per la progettazione e l'analisi di motori elettrici, trasformatori sensori ed attuatori elettromeccanici

Grazie a Maxwell, è possibile caratterizzare con precisione il moto non lineare e transitorio temporale dei componenti elettromeccanici e i loro effetti sul progetto del circuito di comando e del sistema di controllo.

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