Press Release

The Revolution in Simulation Initiative continues to expand
as EnginSoft joins a growing alliance of sponsors

Date: September 20, 2021

Venue: Cincinnati, OH (USA) & Trento


The global simulation industry collaboration and technology alliance Revolution in Simulation (“Rev-Sim” at, created to accelerate innovation through the democratization of engineering simulation, has announced that EnginSoft ( has become its newest participating sponsor and collaborator.

Our greatest passion is our clients and helping them to achieve unprecedented results and returns on their engineering simulation investments. We invest in building long-term relationships, whether partnering with clients’ in-house teams or providing outsourced engineering simulation. We pride ourselves on crafting customized solutions for each production context, based on the client’s business needs and objectives, that effectively leverage the skills, methods, knowledge and experience in their organization.”  Stefano Odorizzi, EnginSoft President.

EnginSoft adds its name to a steadily increasing list of participating sponsors that now includes Aras, ASSESS, BETA CAE, Dassault SolidWorks, EASA, ESRD, Front End Analytics, Future Facilities, Hexagon/MSC, Kinetic Vision, Modelon, NAFEMS, nTopology, Ohio Supercomputer Center, OnScale, PASS Suite, Phoenix Integration, Pointwise, Siemens, UberCloud and VCollab.

Each of these simulation leaders is providing expert leadership in the movement to make engineering simulation software more accessible, efficient, reliable, and impactful, not just for CAE experts but also for others across the enterprise – what is commonly referred to as the “Democratization of Simulation”. The demand for automated simulation is exploding, resulting in next-generation usage of traditional, expert-driven simulation tools and platforms.

Rev-Sim Director of Partnerships, Mike Nieburg said, “Each of our sponsors is working to advance and expand the use and value of engineering simulation software by innovating within its market spaces. We are excited to have EnginSoft join us, demonstrating their revolutionary thought-leadership and technology in a collaborative alliance that benefits all industrial users of engineering simulation.”

About EnginSoft

EnginSoft is a leading technology transfer company in the field of Simulation Based Engineering Science (SBES) having been a progressive technological innovator since its foundation in 1984. Unique in our field, with both specific and advanced skills in all the disciplines and sectors in which simulation technologies are used, we assist our customers to navigate, manage and exploit their vast, complex data and their projects safely and successfully and realize the benefits of digitalization.
Our knowledge and experience enables us to guide and assist customers with the process of digital transformation by identifying and resolving all the problems concerning the integration of simulation with other digital technologies, from the conception of a product, to its design and production – including plant planning and commissioning – right down to operations, across every industrial sector and business dimension, and fully consistent with the relevant development projects and investment plans.

About Rev-Sim LLC

Revolution in Simulation is a web-based resource and community-building platform that educates, advocates, collaborates and innovates for the advancement and democratization of engineering simulation. The Rev-Sim.Org website offers the largest curated collection of engineering simulation news, articles, presentations, white papers, videos, recorded webinars, case studies, and directories of software and consulting service providers to help organizations maximize the impact and ROI from simulation investments.
Existing and new industry users of simulation technologies are invited to explore our resources and submit questions about democratization to our panel of subject-matter experts and topic moderators at Solution providers are invited to join the revolution by contacting Mike Nieburg at

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