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PARTICLEWORKS EUROPE launched after JV between Prometech Software and EnginSoft

Date: 20 SEPTEMBER 2019

Venue: Italy

Prometech Software Inc. and EnginSoft S.p.A. have announced the formation of a joint venture company, to be known as Particleworks Europe s.r.l., incorporated in Italy. The JV aims to establish, promote and manage the European distribution network of Prometech – software technologies and applications based on the Moving Particle Simulation (MPS) method and Multi-GPU acceleration which are currently known in the market under the commercial labels Particleworks and Granuleworks. In addition to and to supporting and enhancing this network, Particleworks Europe will also more specifically constitute the European competence center for these technologies, both to support distributors and to assist customers who require help for complex applications, verticalization, dedicated developments or integration into their scientific information systems. Particleworks Europe will also aggregate the needs and requirements of target customers to ensure their rational inclusion in the development roadmap of the related software technologies.

“I am honored by the establishment of Particleworks Europe as a joint venture with EnginSoft, the leading engineering simulation company in Europe.” says Toshimitsu Fujisawa, Founder and CEO of Prometech Software Inc. “By combining the strengths of both companies, that is, Prometech with its cutting-edge simulation technology, and EnginSoft with its excellent experience in SBES, the joint venture will provide attentive and proactive supports for users to utilize Particleworks more effectively. Prometech and EnginSoft will strengthen their strategic partnerships, and jointly continue efforts to improve simulation products and service in order for more users to utilize simulation technology in a more valuable way.”

Tsuyoshi Sumiya, COO of Prometech Software, Inc. states, “Particleworks has been used by many domestic companies in the automotive industry. In Europe, we have been providing technical and marketing support through EnginSoft and other distributors. We are confident that we will be able to provide customers from a closer standpoint and with the same quality support as that of Japan thanks to the establishment of a European headquarters.”

"Particleworks Europe is the most representative and potentially effective expression of the EnginSoft business model, designed to transfer knowledge of specialist or vertical technologies for engineering simulation in the highly fragmented territory (in terms of countries, languages and cultures) that is Europe,” says Stefano Odorizzi, founder and CEO of EnginSoft. “Based on a JV with the technology manufacturer, and taking advantage both of EnginSoft’s knowledge gained over 40 years in the market and the group’s experience in networking, the EnginSoft model ensures both a widespread presence on the ground, and timely technical support, high professionalism, and the ability to ensure the effective inclusion of technologies in the design processes of customers,” he continues.

Massimo Galbiati, co-founder and CEO of Particleworks Europe, comments, "The JV will benefit from the mature collaboration between the two companies, Prometech and EnginSoft which was constructed during the pioneering phase of promoting Particleworks in Europe, and then confirmed by success well beyond the expectations, both in terms of installations and customer satisfaction. The marketing system to be executed by the JV will boost the initiative’s success far beyond the current excellent results.”

ABOUT Prometech Software, Inc.

Prometech Software, Inc. is a start-up company founded in 2004 that originated from the University of Tokyo. Prometech maintains a close relationship with the University and many other academic and non-academic organizations focusing on research and the application of the latest research to the manufacturing industry. Innovative simulation software products such as Particleworks that is based on the world's first commercial particle method fluid simulation software released in 2006, and Granuleworks (granular material simulation software) released in 2017, and the technology which extends from physical model development to HPC’s and Computer Graphics are used in a wide range of industries, including automobiles, machinery, electrical machinery, chemistry, food, medicine, civil engineering, disaster prevention, and energy.


EnginSoft is a premier European consulting firm in the field of Simulation Based Engineering Science (SBES) with a global presence. Founded in 1984 on the base of a previous structure that had been active since 1975, EnginSoft has been at the forefront of technological innovation ever since, remaining a catalyst for change in the way SBES and CAE technologies in general are applied to solve even the most complex industrial problems with a high degree of reliability. EnginSoft has one of the longest track records in the sector and has remined faithful to its mission as a partner to its customers that, today, are undergoing the process of transformation currently known as Industry 4.0. The company comprises groups of highly qualified engineers, with expertise in a variety of engineering simulation technologies including FEM Analysis and CFD, working in synergic companies across the globe. It is present in Italy, France, Germany, the UK, Sweden, Turkey and the U.S.A. and has a close partnership with synergetic companies located in Greece, Spain, Israel, Portugal, Brazil, Japan and the U.S.A. EnginSoft works across a broad range of industries that include the automotive, aerospace, defense, energy, civil engineering, consumer goods and biomechanics industries to help them get the most out of existing engineering simulation technologies. Technologies, knowledge, training and research are the four distinctive pillars of EnginSoft unique and exhaustive offer. Visit:

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