Conference and Exhibition

The 35thInternational CAE Conference and Exhibition


Date: 2019, 28 - 29 October

Venue: Vicenza Convention Centre @Fiera di Vicenza | Italy

Timetable : Monday 08:00 - 18:00 | Tuesday 08:00 - 18:00

Digital transformation is key to future success.

In manufacturing, the Smart Factory is the ultimate expression of digital transformation: created using new production technologies that enable collaboration between suppliers, customers, operators, machines and tools, it has adequate IT infrastructures and uses sustainable energy.

Effective, balanced digital transformation allows a company to improve as technology, knowledge and capability improves and suits its context. The 2019 CAE Exhibition, building on 35 years of tradition, but now expanded to accommodate the requests of the wider engineering and industrial community, will showcase the vast gamut of technologies and services enabling the digitization of industrial processes for Industry 4.0 across the nine enabling technologies. It will also illustrate how engineering simulation dovetails with these technologies and the industrial processes where it plays a key role.


2019, 28 - 29 OCTOBER
Vicenza Convention Centre @Fiera di Vicenza

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Poster Award | Edition 2019

Nurturing a culture of engineering simulation starts in universities with university students. Competition now open!

The Poster Award is an industry sponsored competition to engage and showcase the adoption of Simulation Based Engineering and Sciences in Academia.

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optimization modefrontier cfd ansys rail-transport

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