Engineering Day | ONLINE SEMINAR

Engineering simulation applications in the railway sector

Date: 25 March 2021

Timetable: 15.00 - 18.00

Speakers: Francesco Franchini, Valentina Peselli, Erik Mazzoleni, Stefano Carrino, Emiliano D'Alessandro, Massimo Galbiati, Silvia Di Rosa

Language: English

The Railway Sector in its various forms (public and private transport; logistics; urban and extra-urban) is constantly seeking the technological innovations necessary to meet the challenges of modern mobility.

To meet the growing need to accommodate the movement of people and goods, companies in the sector are investing significant resources both in reducing their impact on the environment and on people, and in increasing the energy efficiency of their systems.

It is an all-round challenge for engineers and designers. Themes that pervade Industry 4.0 scenarios, such as artificial Intelligence, meta-models, and the Digital Twin, are having to be applied alongside the themes characteristic of the railway sector.

This seminar will share experiences, methods and processes developed in collaboration with market leaders to support product development. The content, presented by product development specialists, will address engineering of rolling stock as well as ancillary and completion systems.

Topic Area

  • Facilities optimization; weight reduction and redistribution;

  • Plant engineering and conditioning of systems and environments;

  • Lubrication;;

  • High power-density electric propulsion;

  • Arc management; electromagnetic interference;

  • Signaling and control


Engineering simulation applications in the railway sector

Registration Procedure

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Engineering Day

25 March 2021 | 15.00

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