Digital prototyping of electric vehicle transmissions and e-motors: a mesh-less simulation

Improving the lubrication and the cooling of e-axles coupled with e-motors for the next generation of electric vehicles

Date: October 5, 2022

Timetable: 15.00 CET

Speakers: Massimo Galbiati, Michele Merelli

Language: English

Digital prototyping of electric vehicle transmissions and e-motors

The automotive industry is strongly pushing towards electrification: in 2021, combined sales for Electric Vehicles (EVs) reached one million units both in Europe and China for the first time.

In EVs, transmission units and e-motors are increasingly coupled by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The R&D and design processes should thus consider both the lubrication and the cooling of gears and e-motor. This can be done with a physical prototype, but the approach can be time-consuming and very expensive. Digital modelling reduces costs and simulation times, enabling the discovery of different designs – even very new or disruptive ones. Among these designs, oil-jet cooling was proposed as an improvement to external water jackets.

Simulating jets can be very problematic using conventional CFD (computational fluid dynamics) methods, considering the complex characteristics of the geometry and multiphase flow. In the webinar, we will discuss how a mesh-less approach (based on Moving Particle Simulation) is key for fast thermal and fluid dynamic improvements of e-axles.


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