Engineering Day | Webinar

Design process integration of an independent suspension axle for off-highway vehicle

Date: 26 Maggio 2021

Timetable: 14.30 - 15.30

Speakers: Andrea Fornaciari (Dana)

Language: English

The present work deals with the activities that Dana is doing for a new independent suspension axle for off-highway vehicle. This multi-disciplinary activity must combine the improvements of the kinematics and dynamics suspension performances including into the simulation frame also the constraints arising from the mechanical design, the hydraulic system and the cost.

The main goal was thus to assess the capabilities of an automated optimization process with the integration of several tools as CREO, Adams View and Amesim. It is important to underline that the whole activity does not only aim to perform a multi-objective optimization, but also to enreach the know-how for similar projects in future. Lastly, the development of an effective and efficient methodology ensured that it could be successfully integrated into the flow of company's process.

Topic Area

  • Process Integration;

  • Multi-Objective and Multi-disciplinary Optimization;

  • Kinetic and Dynamic Simulations

  • Hydraulic System Simulation;

  • Mechanical Design;

Design process integration of an independent suspension axle for off-highway vehicle

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Engineering Day

26th May 14.00 CET

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