Design for Profitability: Quantified Design for Manufacturability

Getting visibility into cost, carbon and manufacturability earlier in design for best in class products.

Date: June 19, 2024

Timetable: 2:00-3:00 p.m. CET time

Speaker/s: Mark Rushton, Enrico Boesso

Language: English

Design for manufacturability is the cornerstone of getting a product to production in the shortest possible time, at the lowest possible price, ensuring you have sufficient profit margins to be successful.

This session will discuss the shortcomings in the traditional process, how 3D CAD applications alone are lacking with it comes to Design for Manufacture (DFM), to quantify your design for manufacturability.

Designing for the best product performance is one thing, but if that means your product is too expensive to be successful in the market, then there is no point making it that good! Learn how to balance Cost, Carbon and Manufacturability using the tools, technology and methods that leaders in the industry rely on.

Topic Area

  • Design Engineering,
  • DfX,
  • DFM,
  • Design for Sustainability,
  • Design to Cost,
  • Design to Value,
  • Reducing time to market,
  • Reducing engineering change orders.

Registration Procedure

This event is free of charge: registration is required to attend.

It uses a web platform that does not require local software installation. You can join the session via: Mac, PC, or any mobile device.

Registered participants will receive the link and credentials to participate at the email address provided during registration.

You can ask questions and participate in the discussion via the chat function in the web platform.



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The leading cloud-based platform used by manufacturers to unlock cost, manufacturability, and carbon insights for increased product profitability and sustainability.

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