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The innovative integration platform for multi-objective and multi-disciplinary optimization

modeFRONTIER provides a seamless coupling with third party engineering tools, enables the automation of the design simulation process, and facilitates analytic decision making.

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training course

modeFRONTIER Training Courses | Robust Design using modeFRONTIER | 1-Day Training

Multi Objective Robust Design Optimization (MORDO)

During the training will be shown how assess the design robustness and reliability using optimization techniques:

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training course

modeFRONTIER Training Courses | Introduction to modeFRONTIER | 3-Days Training

The base-knowledge of software and basics of MDO (Multi-Disciplinary Optimization) through theoretical concepts and practice exercises

modeFRONTIER provides an innovative optimization environment with modular, profiled-based access. The “Intro mF” course, lasting three days, is intended for new modeFRONTIER users or for those people looking for an its more efficient way of utilization.

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training course

modeFRONTIER Training Courses | Advanced topics in modeFRONTIER | 2-Days Training

modeFRONTIER provides an innovative optimization environment with modular, profiled-based access.

The advanced course consists of two days and it is addressed to modeFRONTIER users.

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In the name of excellence and with an eye toward the future

For us, this is an axiom that describes the daily collaboration with the Research & Development centers of major industrial groups. It means working together with our clients to identify and develop the solution that best suits their industrial needs; improving the efficiency and effectiveness of engineering simulation tools; and utilizing our intellectual capital and wealth of expertise to achieve the highest return on investment.

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Fuel Injection

A multibody model was developed using RecurDyn to study the high-speed dynamic behavior of the injector during a typical work cycle

The model contains both rigid and flexible bodies: the pin was modelled using the proprietary Full Flex technology which includes a Finite Element body in the dynamic simulation.

recurdyn mbd-ansys automotive multibody

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A new heart valve replacement procedure modeled with multiphysics simulation could eliminate the need for open-heart surgery

24% operative mortality rate of open-heart surgery for older patients drives search for less-invasive aortic valve replacement technique

Since this cannot be accurately measured in an implanted stent, manufacturers decided to use Multiphysics to simulate the process to better understand the method and to calculate the forces operating on the implant in order to improve the stent design and the surgical procedure, as described in this article.

cfd biomechanics ansys

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Performance and Shape Optimization of the Campagnolo Tri-ProPad bike shorts pad

A new and revolutionary pad for bike shorts.

Sport equipment design is characterized by the fact that a fundamental part of a product success depends on the athlete’s feedback.

sports modefrontier ansys ls-dyna

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