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modeFRONTIER is an integration platform for multi-objective and multi-disciplinary optimization. It provides a seamless coupling with third party engineering tools, enables the automation of the design simulation process, and facilitates analytic decision making.

In today’s business world, multidisciplinary approach is key for a successful design process. Designers are required to simultaneously consider multiple perspectives to determine the global optimal solution, facing an ever increasing problem complexity. With modeFRONTIER, the process is streamlined combining objectives relating to variables of different disciplines.

The powerful workflow enable the execution of complex chains of design optimization, innovative algorithms determine the set of best possible solutions combining opposing objectives, and post-processing tools allows the user to perform sophisticated statistical analysis, data visualization and decision making.

The integration platform for multiobjective optimization, multidisciplinary automation, and analytical decision making.

The User Profiles enable multidisciplinary engineering practices to consolidate specialized expertise and streamline teamwork by allocating software resources where needed. Depending on the step of the engineering problem at hand, it is possible to access different functionalities within the same installation through dedicated modules (modeSPACE and modePROCESS) or directly in modeFRONTIER, according to the profile of the user.

modeFRONTIER is a Product of



  • All categories of nodes are within reach thanks to the Node Palette, the Drag&Drop and the Smart Search feature, turning the Workflow creation into one smooth and immediate task.

Main Benefits

  Greatly reduces design cycle time

  Improves product performance and reduces product development time

  Provides an extremely effective tool for making design decisions

  Delivers optimised designs automatically under user guidance

  User friendly and intuitive


  • Full control on the optimization project is achieved by monitoring the process status in the Run Analysis Dashboard.

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  • The introduction of the modeFRONTIER optimization platform has therefore allowed a great improvement when looking for the optimum configurations also increasing product quality and performance.

    Roberto Mottola

    CTO | Ariston Thermo Group Spa

  • modeFRONTIER represents a real competitive advantage.
    This solution is decisive in order to use our numerical simulation tools more effectively and efficiently, bringing down a whole range of repetitive manual tasks and allowing our designers and engineers to use their time in the most fruitful way.

    Loredana Banci

    R&D Manager | Benelli Armi

  • The Design Space gathers into one customizable environment all modeFRONTIER tools dedicated to advanced post-processing of optimization data.

  Live Webinars and Events

To learn more about modeFRONTIER, join our live webinars, seminars and other upcoming events. conducted by EnginSoft experts.

Sign up for our free events: they cover practical, targeted topics taught by experts in their field.


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See below some of our past webinars and explore the entire collection on our EnginSoft's YouTube Channel.

Enjoy the recordings!


  • Recorded Webinar

    Webinar Series on modeFRONTIER | Webinar 1

    Analytic tools in modeFRONTIER: exploring your Design Space to extract relevant information about sensitivities and local effects

  • When managing complex problems with many input factors and multiple responses it is necessary to apply statistical methods to reduce the complexity and initiate a learning process from dedicated experiments. The fundamental pillars of the statistical methods like Design and Analysis of Experiments are easily accessible in the modeFRONTIER framework.

    With the new Sensitivity Analysis tool in modeFRONTIER, using the Smoothing Spline ANOVA (SSANOVA) proprietary algorithm, users can now easily perform a variable screening to exclude variables from optimization or RSMs projects.

    From basic to advanced statistical analysis with modeFRONTIER.

    This webinar will demonstrate with real-life problems how to run and exploit the experimental data both with real tests or virtual prototypes.

  •   Speakers: John Barnes, Federico Urban

  • Recorded Webinar

    Webinar Series on modeFRONTIER | Webinar 2

    modeFRONTIER & RSMs: Exploit Your Data and Speed Up Your Optimization

  • When working with ‘real’ experiment or simulation data the time taken to measure the outputs can often prohibit the use of direct optimization. In this case modeFRONTIER can help the CAE Analyst train Response Surface models to augment ‘real’ data with ‘virtual’ data, which can generate thousands of design configurations in seconds. This approach unleashes the power of the state-of-the-art optimization algorithms available in modeFRONTIER and makes the discovery of optimal solutions possible.

    With the new release of modeFRONTIER the training and validation of several RSM algorithms can be automated to find the best predictive metamodel. This simplifies the steps required to run a virtual optimization and allows a ‘one click’ approach to a traditionally manual task.

    From data to virtual model in 3 steps with modeFRONTIER: import, train the model, exploit it.

    During the webinar we will explain the so called RSM technique with real-life cases and live demonstration.

  •   Speakers:

    John Barnes, Vito Primavera

  • Recorded Webinar

    Webinar Series on modeFRONTIER | Webinar 3

    Data Mining with modeFRONTIER: quick and effective techniques to deepen the understanding of your Data

  • Data Mining is the process of analyzing a database from different perspectives: designs, statistical and distribution analysis charts, response surfaces algorithms and more allow the engineer to extract the benefit from often complex and hard to understand data. Information from complex numerical data, generated by parametric or optimization studies, can easily be projected onto sophisticated charts in modeFRONTIER’s Design Space, which is now available as the standalone application - modeSPACE – thus allowing efficient license and role management.

    From Information to Knowledge thanks to modeFRONTIER's post processing tools.

    During the webinar we will explain the modeFRONTIER’s powerful data visualization features.

  •   Speakers: John Barnes, Marco Serafini

  • Recorded Webinar

    Integration & Process Automation: easily capture your process using modeFRONTIER’s direct integration nodes

  • Thanks to modeFRONTIER’s direct integration nodes and their advanced “introspection” functionality, the automatic building of your workflow is now very quick and easy. The modeFRONTIER workflow environment guarantees formalization and management of all the logical steps composing an engineering process.

    Its powerful integration capabilities allow product engineers and designers to integrate and drive multiple Computed Aided Engineering (CAE) tools. The ANSYS Workbench integration node now supports the ANSYS HPC Parametric Pack licensing scheme, modeFRONTIER users will be able to launch multiple concurrent design evaluations with a single set of keys.

    From the idea to the optimal results just in 3 clicks.

    During the webinar we will show an example of ANSYS Workbench integration into modeFRONTIER and its optimization.

  •   Speakers: John Barnes

  • Recorded Webinar

    pilOPT: steer your optimization the smart way

  • How many times you were wondering about the settings of a correct optimization strategy? How long did it take?

    pilOPT, the new optimization algorithm created by ESTECO, needs nothing more than a single parameter to be initiated: the number of design evaluations.

    It’s a new and exclusive one-click optimization experience that allows time and resource saving improving product performance. From complex to one-click optimization with modeFRONTIER.

    This webinar will explain the new ESTECO “one-click” optimizer and it will demonstrate, with real demo, a comparison about new and classical optimization algorithms.

  •   Speakers: John Barnes

  • Workshop

    modeFRONTIER Workshop 2018

  • Dates: 18 April | 14 June | 2 August | 9 October | 4 December

  • Venue: Coventry, UK

  • Timetable: from 09:45 to 15:30 (CEST)

  • A great opportunity to attend a introductory workshop for modeFRONTIER, the integrated platform for multi-objective and multi-disciplinary design optimisation, held at The Venture Centre, University of Warwick Science Park .

    What are the benefits of modeFRONTIER?

    1. Greatly reduces design cycle time
    2. Significantly lowers costs
    3. Provides an extremely effective tool for making design decisions
    4. Delivers optimised designs automatically under user guidance
    5. User friendly and intuitive

    Who should attend?

    modeFRONTIER has a wide range of benefits and can be applied to many applications from engineering design to business model optimisation. You should attend if:

    • You wish to understand the benefits to your organisation
    • You have heard about modeFRONTIER but would like to take it for a "test-drive"
    • You wish to develop your skill set
    • You wish to experience the superior power of modeFRONTIER
    • You would like to acquire some initial training following a Solution Validation Day
  • Agenda

    09:45 Registration & Refreshments

    10:00 EnginSoft and modeFRONTIER Introduction

    10:45 Exercise 1: Workflow Walkthrough

    11:45 Exercise 2: Process Integration

    12:30 Lunch

    13:30 Excercise 3: Optimisation & Sensitivity

    14:30 Excercise 4: Response Surface Modelling

    15:15 Wrap-up and close

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EnginSoft Newsletter

Special Issue on modeFRONTIER

A special edition of the Newsletter, dedicated to modeFRONTIER, highlights how it has impacted many industries in the way they do their design and development; indeed you will be amazed by how many familiar everyday products have benefitted from this approach and are featured in this edition.
You fill find in this issue applications of modeFRONTIER popular companies as: FIAT, VOLVO, IVECO, Honda, Ansaldo Breda, Cira, Indesit, Ariston, Sulzer Pumps, ABB…

White Paper

Mechanical optimization of the injection system in a compression molding machine

By adopting a design framework as the one provided by modeFRONTIER, the designer can focus more on the pre and postprocessing of the optimization results. It is no longer necessary to change, again and again by hand, each parameter at a time for increasing the safety factor of the component under study. This leads to a better exploitation of the design cycle time and to an optimal solution

Product brochure

The Innovative Optimization Environment with Modular, Profile-based Access

Discover how the philosophy behind modeFRONTIER 2016 benefits your entire organization by reducing complexity, improving efficiency and cutting development time.
modeFRONTIER streamlines the design process with powerful workflows, innovative algorithms and sophisticated post-processing tools.

 Learning Centre

360° Learning Solution

EnginSoft will hold software training courses during next months targeting different user levels (Basic and Advanced) and profiles (designers, neophytes or expert analysts).

Courses are taught by EnginSoft instructors who have extensive application experience.
Training courses are held year-round at EnginSoft centers and on-site classes can be held at customer locations upon request.
Our training courses are available on a "By Demand" schedule. Please "register" to notify our training staff of your interest in this course. One of our training coordinators will contact you to discuss options.

Training on the Job

The training on the job is customizable to meet all of the training requirements.
You have the ability to choose all the variables:

  Structure/ Schedule

Any date, time, skills or user's number

  Tailored Content

Tailored and custom based on users' prerequisite and current skill levels

  Dedicated Instructor

Emphasizing hands-on, job-related training relevant to your users' skill and knowledge needs as well as your requirements

  • Intro mF

  • The “Intro mF” course, lasting three days, is intended for new modeFRONTIER users or for those people looking for an its more efficient way of utilization. The final goal of course is to provide the base-knowledge of software and basics of MDO (Multi-Disciplinary Optimization) through theoretical concepts and practice exercises. The user will be made aware of the different strategies that can be applied for the setup of workflow so that to increase efficiency of the whole project, especially in case of more complex applications (e.g. multi-disciplinary and/or multi-objective and/or highly constrained problems).

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Agenda

    In order to allow new user to become familiar and comfortable with the modeFRONTIER environment, particular attention will be devoted to exercises, which will be carried out in parallel to the theoretical description of the topic. Further, the user will be requested to perform, together with the trainer, some checkpoints at the aim to be sure the key knowledge has been transferred.

    During the course, the following subjects will be dealt:

      Process Integration and multi-objective design optimization & how it works into modeFRONTIER

      DOE (Design Of Experiments) configuration

      Mono and Multi-objective optimization

      Post-Processing and Data Mining

      Overview on RSM (Response Surface Methodologies) techniques and applications


  • Advanced mF

  • The advanced course consists of two days and it is addressed to modeFRONTIER users. The aim of the course is to support the user in the modeFRONTIER advanced modules application (RSM “Response Surface Methodologies”, Multi – Variate analysis, SOM “Self Organizing Maps”, MCDM “Multi Criteria Decision Making”, …) and to provide the theoretical and practical knowledge which is necessary for an expert use of the code (construction of complex workflows, also in view of distributed computing, theoretical treatment and conscious use of non – conventional optimization algorithms that are highly efficient for specific applications, design for a better optimization strategy, overall theoretical treatment of RSM algorithm,...).

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Agenda

    The prerequisites are the theoretical knowledge of the basic techniques for an in-depth study and the basic use of the modeFRONTIER standard modules.

    The advanced course will be focused on:

      Workflow implementation with complex optimization logics with modeFRONTIER

      Advanced nodes

      Advanced optimization algorithms and their benchmarking with modeFRONTIER

      “Curve fitting” description and its application in modeFRONTIER

      Response Surface Modelling (RSM) techniques – theory and practice and their direct optimization in modeFRONTIER

      Multi – Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) – decision – making support for multi – objective problems

      Self – Organizing Maps (SOM) and data clustering in modeFRONTIER

  • MORDO | Multi-Objective Robust Design Optimization

  • In many engineering design problems the design parameters may only be known to some extent or, in some cases, they may be described by a probability distribution. Moreover, designing a product for a specific environmental scenario does not guarantee an equally good performance in other environments: there is a risk associated to the chosen design, but another design may entail a lower risk. Thus the designer has to take into account the robustness of his solution, which is defined as the characteristic of the system response to be insensitive to the variation of the input parameters working effectively in a range of circumstances and not being adversely affected by small changes therein. Accordingly, it is possible that the best solution is not the same as the best stable solution. The generalized solution to robust design problems is to use probabilistic or stochastic models instead of the deterministic model inside the optimization loop. The deterministic model is replaced by an iterative stochastic model in an uncertainty space. The uncertainty space is usually represented in terms of moments like mean and standard deviation of the output variables.

  • Duration: 1 day
  • Agenda

    During the training will be shown how assess the design robustness and reliability using optimization techniques:


      Sampling methodologies and Polynomial Chaos

      Robust Design Optimization

      Reliability – Based Optimization

    Using modeFRONTIER's Multi Objective Robust Design Optimization (MORDO) approach it is possible to identify the best robust design. For these reasons, MORDO evaluates different values:

      the mean value of the function inside the distribution of variables

      the standard deviation that should be minimized or at least monitored (i.e. constrained)

      the minimum and maximum value of the function inside the distribution of variables

EnginSoft: A Key partner in Design Process Innovation


What can EnginSoft do for you?

EnginSoft is a company that has based its competitive advantage on virtual prototyping since the 1980es, and has always been diligent in the training and formation of its technical staff in order to provide companies with the best solutions and the most suitable software for their specific needs.

EnginSoft’s strength is the multidisciplinary approach that includes all areas of Computer Based Engineering, from the manufacturing process to the detailed 3D CFD simulation of power generation components such as turbines, compressors, heat exchangers, and more.


Instrumental solutions for engineering, consulting, training and research in virtual prototyping to accompany businesses into the future

EnginSoft was founded in Italy in 1984 at the forefront of the emerging field of Simulation Based Engineering & Science (SBES). Today the Company retains an international lead in the sector with bases in Italy, France, Germany, UK, Norway, Sweden, Turkey and the USA.

Our biggest asset is our matrix of highly specialist engineers who possess extensive and multidisciplinary expertise in leading edge engineering simulation technologies. A holistic approach to consultancy provides global support for clients in close integration with key partnership companies located in Greece, Turkey, Israel, Portugal, USA, Brasil, Spain and Japan.

Throughout its long and successful history EnginSoft has remained at the forefront of technological innovation with a track record as a 'sector catalyst' for changing the way that SBES and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) technologies are applied across several industrial sectors. These include: Automotive, Aerospace, Biomechanics, Defence, Energy, Consumer Goods, Civil Engineering and Oil & Gas.

Provision of High Performance Computing (HPC) resources, making EnginSoft the most reliable and knowledgeable partner for product development.

The knowledge and commitment of EnginSoft's engineers' helps clients' identify the most suitable solutions for complex requirements. Leading edge technologies, honed multi-disciplinary methods and access to advanced High Performance Computing (HPC) are all applied to achieve shortened development times and improved resource utilization.

EnginSoft also makes sure that the underpinning expertise is effectively transferred to all customers, who thereby acquire a tangible, strategic advantage.



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