Rigid Multibody simulation using RecurDyn/Professional

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We use a web platform, which does not require local software installation.
You can participate in the session through: MAC, PC or any mobile device. The user will receive the link and the credentials to participate from the Training Secretariat.

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1.200 Euro per person

The course is provided only upon reaching the minimum number of participants. The participant will receive a confirmation email one week before the course starts.

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EnginSoft Training Secretariat
Barbara Manzoni
Phone +39 035 368 711





16 hours [4 days: 4 hours in the morning]


9:00 - 13:00




Davide Marini, Gian Marco Colorio, Fabiano Maggio


The course aims to enable users to model, simulate and analyze the kinematics and dynamics of a 3D mechanism using RecurDyn/Professional. The participant will acquire the ability to choose strategies to correctly virtualize the system, assuming that the bodies have perfectly rigid behavior. First, the course presents RecurDyn software, describing its basic functionality and user interface. Then the students are taught how to correctly use simple ideal joints, higher order ideal joints, non-linear analytical contacts, non-linear general contacts, virtual sensors, forces of all types, expressions, parametric modeling and batch management of simulations. Explanations will be accompanied by examples and exercises.

Target Audience

Engineers using RecurDyn for the first time.


asic knowledge of applied mechanics, mechanical physics and finite elements.


Session 1 (4 hours) - Day 1/4

Software interface and general settings
Introduction to RecurDyn/Modeler (pre-processor)
Coordinates and references in RecurDyn
Managing rigid bodies and their inertial properties

Session 2 (4 hours) - Day 2/4

Using joints and boundary conditions/constraints
Using forces
Using analytical contacts, including parametric ones

Session 3 (4 hours) - Day 3/4

Using general 2D and 3D contacts
Managing solutions: solver parameters and restart
Managing parametric simulations, also in batch mode

Session 4 (4 hours) - Day 4/4

Exporting and using sub-models
Using expressions and creating custom outputs
Introduction to RecurDyn/Viewer (post-processor)