Webinar: Advantages for MapleSim adopters in the Heavy Machinery Industry

April 19, 2018 - 11:00 AM - 11:45 AM CEST

Webinar Maple & MapleSim

April 19th 
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM CEST

Manolo Venturin, Filippo Furlan, Elio De Marinis 


In this webinar focused on the use of MapleSim, software used for the modeling of multidomain systems, we want to show how to solve the problems related to the world of heavy machinery industry, both in the design phase and in the performance optimization phase also thanks to the use of Maple, the associated symbolic calculus solver.

The main challenges for the engineers are the integration between completely different systems, for example hydraulic and electrical systems which occur abundantly in this type of machines and how they interact with each other, the possibility of identifying any problems that may arise in the design phase, apply analysis tools and create a digital twin of the machine starting directly from customer CAD model.

As a first example, we will illustrate the Flsmidth problem concerning the design of a complex mining machine that takes into account the amount of fuel necessary to operate, the maintenance costs and the infrastructure of the machine itself. A solution to this problem is to create a highly reliable model of the complex machine to analyze any drawbacks that may arise during phase production and, in addition, evaluate the stability of the machine based on load distribution and terrain irregularity.

In the second example we will show a fully parametrized excavator model in which electrical, mechanical and hydraulic components interact with each other in order to perform the correct operations. For this purpose, the libraries to which these components belong and the use of the Toobox CAD library will be shown, as well as the apps and templates provided by MapleSim about parameter sweep, optimization and multibody analysis.

As a third example, we will show a model of a crane mounted on a special offshore Aker Solutions machine: when the crane is moving, its dynamic behavior depends on the precise electrical and hydraulic interaction of the control valves, the performance of its hydraulic actuators, the inertia of its structure, its load and the interdependency between all the components.

Using MapleSim, Aker Solutions reduced the time spent in the design process and was able to observe the impacts produced by the replacement or modification of the individual components to obtain an increasingly accurate model.




Date: April 19th 

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM CEST




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