A word from our CEO


I founded EnginSoft in 1984 on a mission to enable the transfer of knowledge and technology to industry, of what was then the emerging field of Simulation Based Engineering and Science (SBES). In the process of doing so, we created an extensive portfolio of best practices and software products substantially augmenting EnginSoft’s raison d’être, and ultimately turning it into the SBES consulting power house it is today.  I am proud that we continue to accomplish this long-term mission with a high degree of success.

Although I am unable to list the numerous projects we have participated in, we are proud to have been a part of each and every one of them, from the smallest hex nut to the largest bridge. I marvel on a daily basis at how engineering simulation is changing our lives with respect to the safety of our transportation, the efficiency of our domestic appliances and in our energy sector. As an example, the other day I was driving my car on the highway, when I was overtaken by a beautiful italian sportscar: my thoughts went immediately to our engineers, who came up with some key-insights in the casting and machining simulation of that car's engine block. As other cars swished past on the highway, I was reminded of the many aerodynamics and acoustics optimization studies we have carried out that have resulted in changing the very design of cars including some Formula 1 racing cars.  And as I board my next flight I know I will think of our studies on the fuel optimization, cabin pressure, and the material fatigue of the aircraft and wonder if this plane has undergone a rigorous multi-objective simulation to ensure that they too have been optimized.

These are exciting times for all of us involved in SBES technologies. Our collective work is not only changing the way new products are designed and produced but is also having an evident social impact both on the reduction of the carbon footprint left by the manufacturing process and on product innovation and robustness.  And while we all dream of the impossible becoming possible, EnginSoft stays firmly grounded in its mission to help companies innovate, improve quality throughout their supply chain and ultimately save money simply by learning how to make better and correct use of the simulation technologies available today.

To do all this, we carry on investing in our people. At EnginSoft we pride ourselves in building several teams of top quality engineers located across the globe, with each team of engineers being experts in the engineering simulation of a specific industrial sector or technology. Many of our lead engineers are also adjunct professors in some of the best engineering schools, helping us to maintain close ties with the academic world where all the innovation is taking place. We are truly a solid bridge between the exciting world of research and its more grounded application in the real world.

A world where we are constantly reminded that we are living in extraordinary times; and while I cannot predict when the next recession will kick in, or when our economies will fully recover from the last one,  I can assure you that if you are in the automotive, aerospace, defense, consumer goods, construction, energy, healthcare or materials processing industry, now is the time for you to be investing intelligently in SBES projects to improve your product quality from its initial design, right through the supply chain so that you can bring better products to market faster and at lower costs. Using Virtual Prototyping in a way that is fully customized to your specific situation can be a major factor in your being able to thwart competition from emerging markets.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank all our loyal customers, you are our real raison d’être, we could never have done all this without you and the excellent collaboration of your design engineers whose design data was used as the basis for our work. We look forward to working with you for many years to come and thank you for choosing EnginSoft.

Stefano Odorizzi