MBD for ANSYS | Multi-body DYNAMICS simulation with MBD for ANSYS

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    MBD for ANSYS is a product of FunctionBay Inc.

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    MBD is a powerful, multifaceted extension to ANSYS Workbench, specifically developed to simulate both kinematic and dynamic movement of mechanical systems. This module features the core technology of RecurDyn, the most modern multi-body technology in the market.

  Fast modeling through Workbench GUI: mouse driven tasks and interaction with geometry

  Cutting-edge RecurDyn Solver and High-Performance Contact Algorithm

  Dedicated Post Processor for Animation, Plotting and Data Processing

  Seamless connectivity with Static Structural Environment for easy FEA on moving parts!

The ideal tool for ANSYS Workbench users who deal with moving mechanisms.


Discover the effectiveness of MBD for ANSYS to simulate complex contacts over multiple surfaces. Experience the ability to quickly launch and verify your models to reach a reliable solution. Simply select the body you need to verify, browse over the load data received from the joints, pick the critical points and press the button! This easy to use add-on will automatically generate the desired Static Structural FE cases, all within ANSYS Workbench! Forget the errors in applying the loads and enjoy tremendous time savings. MBD for ANSYS is a unique multi-body tool for FE users.

Multi-Body simulation offers the user insight into the: motional laws, component trajectories, load amplitudes and precise damping levels affecting your design in a single shot. Model complexity can increased by adding non-linear expressions that link together multiple model qualities allowing users to generate any desired; motions, forces or special/physical sensors in a heartbeat.

MBD for ANSYS has the exact features needed to make dynamics a topic accessible to anyone, making it easy for all users to filter, combine, overlap, or smooth time-variable signals simpley by dragging the curves with their mouse.

The dedicated post-processor will extract and convert any desired result into both video clips and plots to enable any engineer to clearly communicate their findings.

Not yet satisfied with the features?
Want to achieve more from multibody investigations?
Well, your work in MBD for ANSYS is not lost.
Take your model and reload it into RecurDyn, where technological limits just do not exist.


  Fast modeling and solving

  Easy study of outputs

  Get Dynamical Loads

  Very connected to FEA

  Understand motion

  Reduce trial and error



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"The Solution for Multi-Body Dynamic Simulation within ANSYS"

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