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ADVANCED TOOLS FOR ENGINEERING CHEMKIN BY reaction DESIGN | Combustion Simulation in ANSYS FENSAP-ICE for Icing Simulation NICE | Improve CPU Efficiency with Remote Visualization Optimization & Robust analysis with RBF-MORPH CivilFEM for ANSYS Multi-body DYNAMICS simulation with MBD for ANSYS ROCKY DEM Particle Simulator | 3D Discrete Element Modeling program Topology and structural optimization for ANSYS Mechanical Flownex | System Level Thermal-Fluid Flow


ANSYS lands in the new age of the APP!

Powerful, user friendly and continuously evolving; ANSYS is the most innovative and robust CAE solution to hold a “world” of simulation solutions… but now there is even more.

Thanks to a new fleet of “satellite” tools, the core capabilities of Workbench can be augmented to exploit several exclusive features and greatly improve productivity and design process efficiency.

What if you could simply add a satellite application to uncover powerful new features?

Or link additional applications up/down-stream in the design chain?
Or develop specific pre-post processing tools?
Embark on a partnership with EnginSoft to find the winning solution:

  Advanced applications

  Increase accuracy

  Process/product development

  Multiphysics approach

  Design optimization

  Access a Worldwide network




RecurDyn is the most advanced multi-body software on the market today: now you can access it’s intelligent capabilities while working within the ANSYS Workbench environment by using MBD for ANSYS.

Discover its effectiveness in simulating complex contacts over multiple surfaces. Experience the ability to verify models and reach a reliable solution quickly. Simply, choose the body to verify, browse through the joint load data, pick the critical points and press the button! This easy to use add-on will automatically generate the desired Static Structural FE cases, all within ANSYS Workbench!


Now it’s possible to think of new products!

GSAM and GTAM are integrated extensions for ANSYS Workbench, based on the GENESIS design optimization solver, written by leading experts in structural optimization. Directly access to the most complete suite of optimization capabilities available on the market using ANSYS Workbench.  

Enabling you to define manufacturing constraints and multiple loading conditions within ANSYS workbench (including Static, Modal, Buckling, Random, Thermal and Transient) and to optimize the design, combining the structural results.


Would you like to couple fluid-structural simulation with particles, all in one environment?

Now you can, thanks to the full integration of ROCKY, the state of art DEM Particle Simulator, into  ANSYS Workbench. It is a unique solution compared to other DEM codes, being able to accurately represent the particle shape and simulate truly non-round particles (not only spheres, but a wide range of shapes is available in the software library).  Now particle shapes and contact dynamics are closer to reality more realistic results can be reached.


ANSYS FENSAP-ICE is a 3D in-flight icing simulation system, used worldwide by aeronautical OEMs for ice accretion simulation, for ice protection system design and to support and accelerate the in-flight icing certification process. It allows the aircraft to be analyzed as an integral system, “as it flies” and it has specific modules for the simulation of engine and rotorcraft icing.

ANSYS FENSAP-ICE includes dedicated models for the simulation of Ice crystals and Super-cooled Large Droplets and provides the user with ready-to-use tools to simulate in-flight icing conditions.

RBF Morph

Do you need to quickly modify the shape of your model without regenerating the mesh, but morph it instead? RBF Morph, has been developed to solve the challenging design requests of a top Formula 1 team, providing the most efficient solution in automating numerical design and optimization procedures.

RBF Morph has recently been integrated into ANSYS Workbench through a new ACT extension. It allows the user to perform design optimization based on mesh morphing, exploiting the high-performance numerical features of both RBF Morph and ANSYS Workbench for structural and fluid-dynamics applications.


Understanding and predicting the effects of chemistry in a combustion system is key to developing competitive products in transportation, energy and material processing applications.

Reaction Design provides a new family of simulation products within ANSYS, able to efficiently perform combustion analysis with reacting flows. CHEMKIN, ENERGICO and FORTE drive the design for fuel flexibility, to predict ignition, reduce emissions and increase fuel economy in a wide range of applications, including cars, trucks, jet engines, boilers and equipment used in material processing applications.


It is human nature to want to 'see' the work we are doing! By using our expertise in distributed computing and Web-based applications,
NICE offers an integrated solution to access your desktop sessions running within a Visualization Farm. The farm includes both Linux and Windows resources, running on heterogeneous hardware. The core of the solution is the EnginFrame Visualization plug-in that delivers Web-based services to access and manage applications and desktops published in the Farm. This solution has been integrated with multiple remote display protocols, such as RealVNC, TurboVNC and VirtualGL.


CivilFEM for ANSYS is a customized version of ANSYS to manage all your civil engineering needs with just one software and one graphic interface.

The wide range of capabilities allow greater model complexity in civil-engineering applications, providing a complete solution for solving thermal, geotechnical, static, dynamic, linear and nonlinear problems exploiting the latest features provided by the advanced FE technology.

CivilFEM also takes into account the requirements suggested by the most recommended worldwide Standard Codes.

Flownex | System Level Thermal-Fluid Flow

Flownex Simulation Environment delivers technology that enables you to study how systems will behave in the real world, where fluid is the driving factor. Flownex system simulation relays the overall effect of changing specific properties on components, allowing clients to examine extensively all possible variations in the design and optimization of systems.

Flownex SE determines pressure drop [flow] and heat transfer [temperature] for the connected components of a complete system in steady state and transient, e.g. pumps or compressors, pipes, valves, tanks and heat exchangers.

EnginSoft: A Key partner in Design Process Innovation


What can EnginSoft do for you?

EnginSoft is a multinational company involved in Simulation-Based Engineering and Science, and provide advanced engineering solutions in the form of consultancy, training and research. This virtual prototyping is helping businesses adapt to the future market place.

EnginSoft is a trusted partner in helping to improve engineering productivity by exploiting the full potential of ANSYS in the decision process. With EnginSoft you can discover the powerful technology held within the ANSYS Cluster APP, to satisfy design objectives in terms of efficiency, quality and cost saving.


Instrumental solutions for engineering, consulting, training and research in virtual prototyping to accompany businesses into the future

EnginSoft was founded in Italy, in 1984, when the field of Simulation Based Engineering & Science (SBES) first emerged. Since then, the company has been an international lead in the sector, with offices in Italy, France, Germany, UK, Norway, Sweden, Turkey and the USA.

Our biggest asset is our matrix of highly specialist engineers who possess extensive and multidisciplinary expertise in leading edge engineering simulation technologies and techniques. A holistic approach to consultancy provides global support for clients through key company partnerships in Greece, Turkey, Israel, Portugal, USA, Brazil, Spain and Japan.

Throughout its long and successful history, EnginSoft has remained at the forefront of technological innovation with a track record as a 'sector catalyst' for changing the way that SBES and Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) technologies are applied across several industrial sectors. These include: Automotive, Aerospace, Biomechanics, Defence, Energy, Consumer Goods, Civil Engineering and Oil & Gas.

The provision of High Performance Computing (HPC) resources, makes EnginSoft the most reliable and knowledgeable partner for product development.

The knowledge and commitment of EnginSoft's engineers' helps clients' identify the most suitable solutions for complex requirements. Leading edge technologies, honed multi-disciplinary methods and access to advanced High Performance Computing (HPC) are all applied to achieve shortened development times and improved resource utilization.

EnginSoft also makes sure that the underpinning expertise is effectively transferred to all customers, who thereby acquire a tangible, strategic advantage. .



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