Kraken Webinar

5th June 2013 - Web/Online

Kraken webinar series 2013

Save Time and Money While Pushing Reservoir Data Handling to New Frontiers

Wednesday 5th June 2013


Kraken is a powerful cost-effective and time-saving reservoir data manipulation and integration platform, originally developed for a key Brazilian customer by ESSS, South America’s leading engineering simulations solutions company.
It features a modern user interface tailored to the visualisation and manipulation of multiple scenarios and data sets from all leading reservoir simulators, with any user workflow.


1 hour webinar
4:00 PM – 5:00 PM (UK)


Learn how current Kraken users improve their productivity via:

  • Smart properties management
  • Workflow automation
  • Scripting using Python
  • Report creation
  • Inspection and comparison of available data
  • Scientific visualisation processes, animation and pre-processing
  • Independent Simulation


Marcos Damiani, Kraken Product Manager at ESSS will provide an understanding of the challenges that led to the development of Kraken, its features, functionality, and areas of application in Oil & Gas reservoir engineering, including a live demo.



Caren Vay:


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