Steel Casting of an MTS Turbine Housing

An MTS turbine housing is a high cost, high quality part requiring a very low production run because of its very specific use in the gas industry. The cost of producing many physical trials would therefore have been prohibitive. An initial casting of the turbine housing that was the subject of this study did not respect the preset dimensional tolerances. For this reason Pleissner Guss GmbH carried out a casting virtual simulation study using MAGMASteel from MAGMASoft in order to optimize the production process.

From the foundry’s perspective it was important to determine the best processing conditions for the casting in order to produce a component that fulfilled all the design requirements for its successful life cycle, while minimizing waste and lowering its overall production cost.

What did the MTS Turbine Housing Simulation Study achieve?

The virtual simulation of the production process determined the optimal positioning of the feeders and chills, and the optimal gating system design and process parameters. The finished product met with the required dimensional tolerances. It was produced within the expected production time with a higher production yield. Additionally, the cast piece required less machining thanks to the accurate predictions of deviations from the final product, lowering the material wastage and machining costs.

The virtual simulation of this MTS turbine housing showed the customer that the part could be successfully produced respecting the customer’s stringent security and quality requirements, within the time frame set and at a reduced overall cost, even before the customer committed to its actual production.

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