High Pressure Die Casting Optimization of a Connecting Rod

Connecting rods connect the pistons to the crank shaft in automotive engines and are vital components of the engine. Connecting rods are traditionally produced in ferrous metals by forging or die casting. The Abor foundry, long time suppliers of connecting rods to the automotive industry, engaged EnginSoft to carry out a multi-objective engineering simulation study of the connecting rods manufacturing process in aluminum (EN AB46100 or AlSi11Cu2(Fe))  using the high pressure die casting method of production. The study results were implemented to produce a lower cost connecting rod that maintains the same high-quality standards required by their customer.

Why use high pressure die casting?

Simply put, Abor was looking for a more cost effective method such as high pressure die casting to produce these rods while:

  • maintaining optimal dimensions for the rods so as to guarantee their intended life cycle and excellent resistance under fatigue loads
  • finding an optimal production method that could guarantee the required mechanical properties

The Scope of the Multi-Objective Optimization Simulation

The scope was to produce an optimized die design and setup together with a study of the die’s thermal behavior using multi-objective optimization methods and virtual prototyping.

Studying the Fluid Dynamics of the Connecting Rod Die

For the fluid dynamics part of the study, several gating system configurations and the flux curve were simulated. The geometrical and process variables used were derived from the preliminary analysis of a die that was already in production. The shape and sections of the gating system configuration were selected to guarantee the optimal temperature and velocity of the fluid during the filling phase, with the aim of eliminating all gas porosity in the injection/filling phase.

What this Multi-Objective Optimization Simulation Achieved

Given the objectives, the experimental design and the numerical algorithm allowed Abor to produce the best die casting solution for the rods in the shortest time possible with huge production costs savings whilst still meeting with the high quality expectations of the customer.

Why consider EnginSoft for your Die Casting Simulation Study?

At EnginSoft we have a team of engineers dedicated to die casting simulation projects. Our customers hail from a broad range of industries including the automotive industry. Our engineers are very knowledgeable about the engineering simulation products they use and will help you select the best products for your specific needs. So don't hesitate to contact us immediately and tell us how we can help you.

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