Robust Design with modeFRONTIER

Course Calendar 2017 - Ideon Science Park, SE-223 70 Lund, Sweden

modeFRONTIER include a wide range of tools for evaluation of robustness and reliability of a design, sometimes referred to as “Six Sigma” or “Design for Six Sigma”.

Robust design means reliability in performance with uncertainty factors included in the inputs of the system.

Commonly used tools include sensitivity analyses to understand and rank the relative importance of variables as well as Monte Carlo and Latin Hyper Cube sampling schemes.

Robust Design Optimization is the methodology of optimizing the design and simultaneously ensuring the robustness, for instance quality and reliability are explicit optimization goals.

The training focus on best practices for real life engineering work.
Once completed, participants may motivate and select a suitable solution strategy, but maybe more importantly, estimate the quality of the obtained results.

Duration: 1 day

Prerequisites: familiar with the basic concepts and metamodelling in modeFRONTIER..

Drive your designs from good to GREAT

Terminology and methods

  • Historical & Modern approaches
  • Robust vs. Probabilistic design
  • Multi Objective Robust Design Optimization (MORDO)


  • Robustness and reliability 
  • Sampling schemes
  • Sensitivity analysis

Results interpretation

  • Finding relations and dependencies
  • Estimation of quality
  • The impact of shortcuts


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2017 Course Calendar

Mars 22

September  20

Robust Design with modeFRONTIER


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