Introduction to modeFRONTIER

Course Calendar 2017 - Ideon Science Park, SE-223 70 Lund, Sweden

modeFRONTIER is a platform for integration and  automation of CAE processes, optimization and robust design.

The training introduce fundamental concepts and make participants familiar with the modeFRONTIER environment.

Case studies are used to understand good solution approaches while the biggest challenge for all participants is the change of mind, from a few manual single design iterations to a systematic design space exploration. The training provide inspiration, awareness and knowledge to begin the journey.

Participants will learn to design and implement different optimization strategies in order to complete a project within a specified time and simulation budget.

Other topics such as design of experiments, metamodeling and robust design are introduced as well.

The three day training consists of a mix of theoretical sessions and workshops.

Duration: 3 days

Prerequisites: None

Drive your designs from good to GREAT


  • Terminology & methods
  • Process integration & automation

Theory & Case based learning

  • Variable screening
  • Design of experiments
  • Optimization strategies
  • Metamodel introduction
  • Robustness introduction

Results interpretation

  • General tools
  • Statistical tools


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2017 Course Calendar

January 17-19

April 11-13

September 5-7

October 17-19

Introduction to modeFRONTIER


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