The new release of ROCKY

May 17, 2017 - Webinar online

Rocky 4The 17th of May will be presented the new release of ROCKY, 3D Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) particle simulation software. With the fourth major release ROCKY becomes the very first commercially available DEM solver to offer support for Multi-GPU Processing.

This powerful, innovative, and highly-anticipated release aims to revolutionize processing performance and pave the way for solving bigger simulations faster than ever before. In addition, ROCKY 4 brings many new and improved features that will help users perform more accurate and complex simulations, includinga completely rebuilt Motion Kernel, and enhanced Fluent-Rocky Coupling to expand the boundaries of particle simulation.

To see ROCKY 4 in action, and to learn more about the features and enhancements available in this release,
watch our webinar on May 17th, 2017.


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17 May 2017 Webinar on Rocky




See ROCKY 4 in action!


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