2017 FunctionBay Annual Meeting

2017 March 2,3 - Pangyo Seven Venture Valley auditorium

The 2017 FunctionBay Annual Meeting

The 2017 FunctionBay Annual Meeting was held at Pangyo Seven Venture Valley auditorium from March 2 to March 3. FunctionBay hosts the Annual Meeting every year in either Korea, Japan, and Europe to share sales information and encourage the ongoing partnership between its Korean headquarters, overseas business units and overseas RecurDyn distributors.

At this years’ Annual Meeting, the new functions in the  new version of RecurDyn, MBD for ANSYS and Particleworks were introduced. In addition, the sales status and success stories from the FunctionBay headquarters, business units, and distributors over the past year were revealed. Discussions then progressed to identify market and technological trends around the world, followed by the development of appropriate sales strategies.

As always, the meeting concludes with an award ceremony, the CEO of FunctionBay awarded the best presentations that were presented over the two days. The award ceremony has become a charming tradition over the years through which the Head office highlights the great successes of RecurDyn worlldwide. The "Best Presentation 2017" was awarded to the FunctionBay German team, which presented to the community several challenging applications where RecurDyn technology was used to overcome. Fabiano Maggio, from EnginSoft SpA, was kindly invited by our German partners to share this award. Indeed, in 2016, EnginSoft has contributed significantly to the success of RecurDyn in Europe.

At the very end of the ceremony, when over the awards were drawing to a close, EnginSoft SpA got an additional "Special Award" from prof. Jin Choi, CEO of FunctionBay.

This exceptional initiative is in recognition of the excellent and passionate work that the System Dynamics Team of EnginSoft is executing on the Italian soil to promote RecurDyn and related technologies.  

FunctionBay 2017: EnginSoft Special Prize

Fabiano Maggio,  EnginSoft

FunctionBay Germany and EnginSoft