Discover how the Free Maple Player can be used for easy Maple worksheet deployment in your company

Thursday 29 June | 11:00 am to 11:20 am CET - Webinar

Thursday 29th June | 11:00 am  to 11:20 am CET

Language: English


Discover how the Free Maple Player can be used for easy Maple worksheet deployment in your company.

With the Free Maple Player, you can:

  • Use interactive Maple applications to perform computations and visualize results. 
  • Easily access the collection of interactive 
  • Math Apps available through built-in access to the MapleCloud. 
  • Perform any operation that uses interactive components, including entering mathematical expressions, moving sliders, playing videos, and rotating plots, with limitations only on the number of characters that can be entered.

Topic areas*:

  • Brief introduction to Maple
  • Building of a sample worksheet
  • Interactive computations performed in the free Maple Player
  • Q&A and close

Speakers: Elio De Marinis, Filippo Furlan


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*subject to change



Thursday 29th June

11:00 am CET
to 11:20 am CET


The webinar will be held in English.

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