Flownex | System Level Thermal-Fluid Flow

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    Flownex is a product of M-Tech Industrial (Pty) Ltd

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    Flownex® Simulation Environment delivers technology that enables you to study how systems will behave in the real world, where fluid is the driving factor.

    Flownex® system simulation relays the overall effect of changing specific properties on components, allowing clients to examine extensively all possible variations in the design and optimization of systems.

    Flownex® is developed in an ISO 9001:2008 and NQA1 quality assurance system environment.

    Flownex® is the only software of its kind to hold a nuclear accreditation, a testament to the quality, reliability and accuracy of our simulation software.


  Simple/complex systems simulation

  System optimization

  Commissioning assistance

  Investigative simulations

  Component performance assessment

  Concept design

  Technical feasibility studies

  Root cause analysis

  Thermal-hydraulic designs



The API (Application Programming Interface) module includes an integration to ANSYS enabling the ability to communicate and run co-simulations.


ANALYSIS: Simulation. Performance assessment. Modification assessment. Fault root cause assessment

DESIGN; System sizing. Component sizing. Determining operating ranges. Flow, temperature, pressure, power consumption, etc. Testing of control philosophy

TRAINING: System behavior examination. Performing basic flow and heat transfer calculations. Thermohydraulic principles and properties referencing



  Simulates simple sub-systems to complete systems, anything from ventilation and reticulation networks, detail internal turbomachinery flows up to boilers and complete power generation cycles like Rankine and Brayton cycles

  Simulates integrated flow, heat transfer, mechanical and control systems gives you a complete system response. This includes liquid, gas, two-phase, mixtures, heat transfer, mechanical and control systems. Ensures robust controllable systems

  Rapidly runs 1000’s of simulations ‒ allowing for multiple scenario tests, operating modes and eliminates uncertainty around environmental conditions and manufacturing tolerances

  Users require only typical engineering design parameters to use the empirical and semi-empirical models in Flownex®, allowing for crucial design decisions in complex simulations to be made easily without a fluid systems specialist

  Integrated simulations with Excel, ANSYS Fluent, ANSYS Mechanical, Engineering Equation Solver, Matlab Simulink, Labview, MathCad and an OPC link for commercial hardware control systems. Easily integrate existing proprietary correlations, software and data

  Fast configuration with all inclusive fluid thermal systems and plant components



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"Flownex: System Level Thermal-Fluid Flow Simulation Software"

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